Apartments for Rent Sulaimaniya

- This property is not available at the time being.
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Title: Apartments for Rent Sulaimaniya
Property Type: Apartments
Country and City: Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Region: Riyadh
Location: Not specified
Price For the apartment: Hidden according to user request
Area For the apartment: 1 sqm
Area For the outside: Not specified
Paying by installments: Yes


No. of rooms: 2
Other Specifications: Air condition

More Details:

Rent Apartments VIP Sulaimaniya components of the apartment: (2) bedroom + hall + kitchen + bathroom features of the apartment: Kitchen + gas central + oven + heater conditioning Split + Satellite Features Architecture: Finished Deluxe + no gymnasium, health club and reservations Alastfassaar please call 0553444389 0555094676